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Hervey Bay Queensland

Hervey Bay Queensland

Hervey Bay Queensland. The Bay as it is called locally is full of history. Furthermore It is a great place to experience nature at its finest. Hervey Bay Queensland is just a 3 1/2 hour drive from Brisbane and a 45 minute flight by air from Brisbane.

It is an easily accessible holiday destination for the adventurous traveler. Consequently there are heaps of things to discover in the Bay. From the Bay you can take a ferry ride over to Fraser Island. The Kingfisher bat Ferry departs daily from River Heads Hervey bay. This Ferry lands at the Kingfisher Bay resort. It takes about 50 minutes to cross.

Above all Hervey Bay has the largest artificial reef in Australia. This reef covers over 50 different sites all unique in their own way. Hervey Bay also has plenty of shallow water areas. Go swimming where you can view coral-covered reefs and see the Bays plethora of marine life. Hervey Bay is definatly a place to visit on your travels around Australia. Try these package tours.

Things to do at Hervey Bay!

Go Whale Watching from July though till November.

Whale Watching is what Hervey Bay Queensland most famous for. The whale migration peak season. Moreover tourists can easily experience these beautiful giants of the deep swimming, breaching and frolicking at play. As a matter of fact the Bay has been a stopover for the whales for many years. They can be seen on their journey North. From June through till August. As well as South from September till November. There are plenty of other things to do. Hervey Bay Queensland is well known for excellent restaurants and little cafe’s. There is great shopping there and the night life is of international standards. The waters are safe for swimming and the shallow areas have coral covered reefs where you can view a myriad of seagoing life.

What is Hervey Bay weather like?

Hervey Bay enjoys a mild subtropical climate. With average mean temperatures of 16 to 26 degrees in the winter months and 22 to 30 degrees in the summer months. Rainfall is moderate. As a result the fine weather meter is a lot more pluses then minuses.

What is the population of Hervey Bay?

Hervey Bay has a population of around 55,000 locals. The Bay is a popular place for Queenslanders to live. In fact it is so popular that is is growing at a very fast pace. Even though the population of Hervey Bay is small it still has all the modern amenities and and all 21st century devices.

What can you do for Free in Hervey Bay?

There is so much to de in Hervey Bay that does not cost you a cent. For instance swimming on the magnificent beach, fishing, go pier walking or even a relaxing stroll along the Esplanade. Likewise jump in your car and drive down to Urangan and see the fantastic Botanical Gardens. So too is a visit to the Wongi Waterholes and a drive to the Lenthall’s Dam.

So much to do and see and little time to do it. Well perhaps after visiting Hervey Bay Queensland you will want to live there. Many call The Bay home it is a safe place to live and a great place to enjoy nature and all its glory.

So welcome to Hervey Bay Queensland to you and your family.



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