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Finland is a land of snow and ice. The winter here is a magical time, when the landscape is covered in a blanket of snow and the sun never sets. The locals are known for their festive spirit. There are many events and festivals throughout the winter season to enjoy. The most famous of these is the Lapland Santa Claus Festival This is held in Rovaniemi every December. There are also plenty of other events and attractions to keep you entertained during Finland’s coldest months. From skiing and snowboarding to ice skating and snowmobiling. There’s something for everyone to enjoy in Finland’s winter wonderland.

Some basic facts about Finland

Finland is known for its harsh winters, but this doesn’t stop the country from being a beautiful and colorful place to visit in the winter. Being a Nordic country it is located in the northern region of Europe. This region is commonly referred to as Scandanavia. The country boarders with Russia, Sweden and Norway. Helsinki the capital lies on a peninsula and neighboring islands of the Baltic Sea. Finland’s landscape is full of lakes, forests, and mountains. It’s culture is rich and varied, with a history that includes bears, ice fishing, and Nokia phones.

Where should I go in Finland?

There are four main regions in Finland. They all have their own particular attractions. They are Lapland, the Lakeland region, Coast and Archipelago, and the Helsinki Reion.

The Lapland Region Finland

Lapland is in far northern Finland. it is a great outdoor destination. it is where you can view the Northern Lights all year round and experience Finland’s artic nature. As well as it is the Homeland of the indigenous Sami People. Tourists from all over the world go there to meet Santa Clause and his reindeer. Lapland is Europe’slast great wilderness area.

Credits: Juho Kuva

The Lakeland Region Finland

The Finns visit Lakeland in Finland when they want to recharge themselves or simply just get back to nature. For example there are many year round activities . Not to mention in the summer months there are cruises around the lakes, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding. Secondly in the winter months there is ice swimming and skating. There is nothing more Finnish than a cottage by a lake. To summarize pack your bags and head to Europe’s largest lake district.

Credits Harri Tarvainen

The Coast and Archipelago Finland.

The Coast and Archipelago region of Finland is packed with culture. Subsequently here you can experience Finns maritime culture. Not to mention it’s vibrant coastal cities. Notwithstanding the region’s secluded lighthouses and it’s manors of historic value. For this reason a visit to the Coast and Archipelago is a must. Not to mention it’s magnificent national Parks. Aditionally there are over 50,000 spectacular islands dotted across the sea. Not to mention that the Archipelago is the world’s largest. In summary a visit to this region of is a must on any tourist itinary.

Credit Julia Kivela

The Helsinki Region Finland

Helsinki is the capital of Finland. The region encompasses the capital city the surrounding metropolitan area additionally further out towns and cities. Compared to other European cities Helsinki and it’s region combines city life with the call of nature which is never more than a stone’s throw away. Not to mention the region is blessed with food outlets that are world class. As a matter of fact this region is well designed with it’s unique architecture and informative museums. A visit to this region and to Helsinki the capital of Finland is a must. Discover why it is classed as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Credits Tuomas Uusiheimo

The Lakeland Region Finland

Finland has over 40 National Parks



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