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Cairns North Queensland

For what is Cairns North Queensland famous?

Cairns North Queensland is one of the premier destinations in Queensland as well as Australia. Not to mention the fact that Cairns sits on the door step to The Great Barrier Reef. Aditionally it is home to the Daintree Wilderness Rainforest. For instance a visit to Cape Tribulation will result in a sight so spectacular. Where the Rainforest flows down into the sea.

What to do in Cairns North Queensland!

There is so much to do in Cairns North Queensland. As a matter of fact it is a complete holiday destination. Compared to other travel destinations in Australia, Cairns North Queensland is best. If diving is your choice of adventure then dive The Great Barrier Reef. Whitewater rafting is one of the most popular attractions in Cairns. There are Reef trips, diving courses, Island tours and much more. Cairns offers the tourist a plethora of adventures.

The night life in Cairns North Queensland?

The night life in Cairns North Queensland is on par with international standards. First class night clubs, great restaurants for all budgets. Have a pizza, eat at Maccas, eat at Asian restaurants. Try Japanese O’ Cha Cha, The Chinese The Golden Boat. Try the BBQ beef at Corea Corea. As well as a premier steak at Dundees. The choice is yours. Visit the Aquarium, or stroll down the Esplanade, just take in the night life

The Weather in Cairns North Queensland

The weather in Cairns North Queensland is Tropical Monsoonal. As a result it is very hot and humid during the monsoonal rains. These are usually November through till February. March, April May can still experience rain however the weather is cooler. The cold months are June till September. August is the most popular month for tourist visits.

The population of Cairns North Queensland

The population of Cairns North Queensland is approximately 170,000 souls. However this number is growing every month. Over the last few years Cairns has experienced a huge increase in southern Australians emigrating North.

In conclusion Cairns North Queensland

Cairns North Queensland is one of the premier tourist destinations of Australia. For this reason the North is experiencing an influx of southern Australians wanting to call Cairns Home.



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