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Hi! I’m Woody deJong and my wife Inda

About me: I am a chef and a world traveler with the soul of an artist. After working in kitchens all over the world, I came back to my hometown Cairns in North Queensland. I soon realised I was starving for new adventures. Therefore after 8 years of hard work and saving money I started traveling again. However this time solely as a tourist . During my travels around the globe I collected recipes, lived in different countries, learnt languages and studied food cultures. One day I discovered that what’s cooking in the kitchen of home does not have the same taste as when you’re abroad. Consequently it needed spices and more flavours similar to what we experience overseas.

Don’t forget to read the Traveling Information page it is very helpful for the would be traveler.

Confessions of a traveling nerd

About me: I’m a nerd. I love to read books, watch movies,read the historyof different countries and cultures. So when I found out that I could actually get paid to travel and do all of those things, I was pretty stoked. Here are some of the best (and worst) parts of my job as a professional travel nerd.

I’m a nerd and love to travel

About me: I’m a self-proclaimed nerd and I love to travel. I’ve been to all sorts of places, both near and far, and I always enjoy nerding out on the local history and culture.

Whether it’s visiting ancient ruins, exploring local markets, or just people watching in a busy city square, I love learning about new places and soaking up as much of the local flavor as possible.

And while I do enjoy spending time alone on my travels, I also love meeting other travel nerds like me who are passionate about learning about new cultures and seeing the world.

I’ve been to some amazing places

About me: I’m a traveling nerd and I’ve been to some amazing places. I’ve seen the pyramids in Egypt, the Colosseum in Rome, and the Great Wall of China. I’ve also been to some lesser known places that are just as amazing, like the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland and the Moai statues on Easter Island.

I love seeing new places and learning about different cultures. I’m always researching where I want to go next and what I want to see there. I love planning my trips and sharing my photos and experiences with others.

If you’re a fellow traveler, I hope you’ll follow me on my journey. And if you’re not a traveler yet, I hope I can inspire you to explore the world!

I’ve met some interesting people

Yes met some interesting people while traveling as a nerd. Met nerds of all types, from the guy who can talk your ear off about the latest comic book movie to the girl who is totally into cosplay. I even met a few professional nerds who travel the world to attend conventions and meet-ups.

It’s been great getting to know all these people and hearing their stories. I’ve also had some great debates with them about nerdy topics. It’s always enjoyable to discuss geeky things with like-minded people, and I’ve made some great friends through these conversations.

If you’re a nerd who loves to travel, or are thinking about starting to travel more, then I encourage you to seek out other nerds to meet up with. It’s a great way to make friends and see the world through a different lens.

I’ve learned a lot about different cultures

I’m a self-proclaimed nerd and I love to travel. In fact, I’ve been to more than 30 countries and I’ve learned a lot about different cultures along the way.

One of the things I love most about traveling is that it allows me to immerse myself in different cultures and learn new things. I’m always fascinated by the customs and traditions of other cultures, and I love to try new things.

I also enjoy meeting new people when I travel. I’ve met some amazing people from all over the world, and it’s always interesting to hear about their lives and their cultures.

Traveling has definitely changed me for the better. It’s opened my eyes to different ways of life and has taught me a lot about myself. If you’re thinking about traveling, I urge you to do it. It’s an incredible experience that you won’t regret!

I’m not afraid to admit it

I’m a traveling nerd. I love to nerd out on all things travel-related: from planning my next trip to scouring the internet for the best travel deals. I’m always looking for new and interesting places to visit, and I love to share my findings with others.

If you’re like me and love to travel, then you’ll appreciate this blog section. Here I’ll be sharing my latest travel tips, tricks and discoveries. So whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next trip, or just want to live vicariously through my travels, this is the place for you!


So there you have it, my top tips for enjoying your travels as a nerdy person. I hope this has been helpful and that you find the courage to let your nerd flag fly on your next trip! Remember, there’s no need to be anyone other than yourself – and the world is full of interesting people who are just like you. So get out there and start exploring!